If you have any questions about Doug Perkins and The Spectaculars or the services we provide please do not hesitate to contact us. 

On this page we have tried to answer some of the questions we get asked the most and we hope that they may be of some use to you! 

About The Band

Where does your band name come from? We were originally going to be called The Spectaculars as we all wore glasses, but then decided we needed something more 50's sounding a bit like Buddy Holly and the Crickets or Bill Haley and the Comets. Out of interest we decided to find out who the Managing Director of Specsavers was and found that it was Doug Perkins. 

We felt that the name Doug Perkins was quite 50's sounding so we decided to go with that. We started getting lots of comments about how funny it would be if the real Doug Perkins found out about us...and strangely in May 2013 we were contacted by Dame Mary Perkins (Doug Perkins' wife and co-founder of Specsavers) who accidentally found us on Facebook. 

In June 2013 we were invited to play at the Specsavers Summer Ball at their Headquarters in Guernsey where we got to play for the real Doug Perkins. Our set included a song we wrote especially for Specsavers (in the rockabilly style of course) and we even sang Hello Mary Lou, in honour of Dame Mary Perkins (which she loved!!) We have been back a couple of time since.

Who are Doug Perkins and the Spectaculars? There are four of us that make up Doug Perkins and the Spectaculars: On double bass and vocals - hailing from Nashville, Tennessee we have Mr DB Spectacular. On drums and vocals - hailing from Austin, Texas Mr Slim Spectacular. On lead guitar and not allowed to do any singing - hailing from the Badlands of New Mexico Mr Chet B Spectacular...and on lead vocals and guitar we have our very own part time shelf stacker/full time rockin man...Mr Doug Mad Eye Perkins! 

Do you have real names?: Yes but it is much more fun this way!!!  

How long have you being playing together? As Doug Perkins and The Spectaculars we have been playing together since November 2012 however, as a group of people we have been playing in various bands together over the past 20 years and have played everything from local gigs and festivals to weddings and other events. 

Have you won any awards? Yes: We won Band Royale in Southport 2013. The contest was held over a 4 month period and over 40 bands from the North West took part!We also won the People's Choice Award for the Rock The House (of Commons) 2014. beating over 450 artists to the top slot.

Booking The Band 

Would it be possible to come and see you play? Yes: Please check contact us to find out when we are playing next. 

How much do you charge? This very much depends on the event, venue, location, dates and time and how long you would like us to play for. We will always try to work within your budgets. Please call us to discuss your requirements. All quotes are given free and without obligation and we promise there will be no hard sell or pressure put on you to book. 

How long does it take for you to set up? It usually takes us about 45 - 60 minutes to set up and sound check. We will always make sure that we are out of the way before your guests arrive. We will discuss arrival times and set up requirements at the time of booking. 

How far do you travel? We are based in Preston, Lancashire and are happy to travel anywhere within the UK and beyond. The first 50 miles are free and then we charge 40p per mile thereafter. For locations outside of the UK please contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail.If overnight accommodation is required for the band this will be discussed at the time of booking as an additional charge will be required to cover expenses. 

Do you have Public Liability Insurance? Yes: We are insured up to £10 million. If you require a copy of any documentation we are happy to provide this for you. 

What do you wear when you play at events? We have two "uniforms" Summer Spectacular which includes - sunglasses, turned up jeans, rockabilly shirts, vintage belts, 1950's style dogtags and belt buckles. Smart Spectacular includes - retro glasses, smart suits, rockabilly shirts, vintage shoes (spats etc) vintage belts and belt buckles.If you are having a specific theme and require us to dress up we are happy to discuss your requirements at the time of booking. Depending on what is required there may be a small additional fee to cover extra costs. 

What songs do you play? We play a mixture of authentic 50's rockabilly songs, our own original songs in the rockabilly style and modern covers with a rockabilly twist. If there is a particular song you would like us to play at your event just let us know and we will add our rockabilly magic to it just for you! Please see Playlist Page for details of our current set list If you require music to be played throughout your event and don't want to have the extra cost of a DJ we can arrange for a mixture of 50's music to be played through our own PA System for you. For further information regarding this please contact us. 

How long do you play for? We usually play a minimum of two sets of 45 minutes each, however as each event is different we are happy to discuss your individual requirements at the time of booking. 

Is all your equipment PAT Tested? Yes: If you require a copy of any documentation we are happy to provide this for you. 

Do you have a Health and Safety Policy and Risk Assessments? Yes: If you require a copy of any documentation we are happy to provide this for you. 

What do you do whilst you are not playing? This very much depends on the event and we will work with you before and during the event to ensure that we comply with your wishes and requirements.For some people they are happy for us to join the party and have a drink with their guests, some guests may also like to have a photo opportunity with us and our instruments. At other events, hosts have preferred that we wait behind the scenes until we start playing and of course we are happy to do this too. 

What types of venues and events do you play at? We are happy to play at most venues and events including weddings, private parties/celebrations and corporate events. To discuss your requirements in further detail please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@dpandthespecs.co.uk 

Do you have terms and conditions? Yes: These will be provided to you at the time of booking amd they are also available here 

What do I need to provide for the band? Please see terms and conditions for further details 

Do I need to pay a deposit? For some types of events we will require a 25% deposit to secure your booking. Details of the deposit are outlined in our terms and conditions and we will discuss these with you at the time of booking. 

How do I book Doug Perkins and The Spectaculars? If you would like to book Doug Perkins and The Spectaculars or discuss your requirements in further details please feel free to contact Audrey on 07852372048 or email: contact@dpandthespecs.co.uk you can also contact us. Many people like to come and see us play at local gigs before they make a booking so if you are at an event or gig please feel free to come an talk to us on the night. 

Do you offer any other services? Sorry - not at the moment! 

How do I pay you? Once you have confirmed your booking we will send you an invoice via email - you can pay via PAYPAL or credit/debit card. Credit and debit card payments will be made via PAYPAL

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